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Amsterdam to Bridgewater

Monday - 2011-08-08

06:00 and we were on the road having set the alarm for 05:25 'google' reckoned about 4:15 to get to calais, and the last checking was 10:50 for the 11:20 crossing. The weather was lousy, but my faithful navigator nailied it again, and we arrived early. So early that we managed to get a crossing an hour earlier. I'm just hoping that there were no speeding fines picked up along the way. Arriving in England I really felt the pressure was off, we had achieved all the major goals of Europe, and were back in the UK. Bridgewater was only a few hours away and I could relax. We stopped briefly in Newbury for a pickup lunch and made our way down the M4 and M5 to Bridgewater. It was different driving on the english motorway, the hedges seemed much higher than when I was last here, and I was suprised with the proximity of trees and other obstacles so close to the road.
Finally we arrived at Karen & Williams new house. They have been there under 3 weeks and must have worked like slaves to turn an empty shell into a home. That evening we went to 'Spoons' a typical english 'gastro' pub. Where I had a typical english mixed grill.
My snoring had been a real issue for the girls, and I had put it down to the sudden increase in weight and nightly alcohol intake. However over the last few days I have been brewing some kind of ENT issue. It had started with a light ear ache, turned into a swollen abcess on my back teeth, and finally resulted in a sinus cold. I now wonder if my glands had started swelling and the snoring was as a result if that. During the course of the evening I went rapidly down hill. Fortunatly Alex and Olivia were in the guest room, and I was in Williams office. What I can say is that the 'bed' in Williams office was really welcome and VERY comfortable. come the morning things were improving, but the sinusitus was well entrenched.


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