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Flying to Feutreventura

Wednesday - 2011-08-10 (William's Birthday)

Why is it that when you have to get up early, you never sleep the night before? Did I set the alarm, will it go off, What happens if I sleep through the alarm? What happens if I go back to sleep? 03:30 came soon enough and we were all up. We managed to get away by 04:15, the same time as Karen & William who had about an extra 15 minutes travelling time. Fortunaltly the airport is close by and we managed to meet up and get out of the car park in the required 20 minutes. Off to a friend of Karen & William to drop their cars, back to the airport for me to drop off my hire car, and we were into the airport.
9 of us were travelling from Bristol - Mum & Dad, Karen & William, Joe & Anna, Peter & Alex & Olivia, with Irene & Alan, Rebecca & Penny travelling from Manchester and arriving about 2 hours after us.
The airport was heaving and our plane was full. The formalities were completed with little hassle. They picked up the tubs of yogurt and a few other contraband items, but overall it was a smooth exercise. The flight was (as expected) uneventful. Arrival in Feutraventura was great, warm with a light breeze and an air conditioned coach to take us to the hotel. Our party was the last to be dropped off, but it did mean that the Rep could spend some time with us staight way. Only 2 of the rooms were ready when we arrived, so with bags stowed into those rooms we headed off for lunch. The first of the 21 all you can eat buffets!
Dad had booked us into an all inclusive package - even alcohol, sure not top shelf stuff, but basic spirits & wines and local beer. Free water, and all meals included. Not bad. But more importantly a change for the family to be together for the first time in a very long time. I was on hot bricks waiting for my sister to arrive!
Finally I saw the coach, our room faced the street and I was on the balcony at the time. I waited as they checked in at the other building then walked to our building (the resort was spread over 3 buildings). As they dragged their luggage Irene looked up and this big smile crossed her face. It had been 14 years since we had seen each other. I'd like to say that she hadn't changed, but I would be lying.
The afternoon and evening were spent catching up.


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