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Thursday - 2011-08-11 (Dad's birthday)

Getup, breakfast, catch some rays / swim, eat, catch some rays / swim, drink, eat, drink, bed.
It really is like that. Karen & William have been backgammon fanatics for years and brought a couple of travel sets with them. Looks like Karen is determined to have some kind of family tournament
Various activities have been planned and booked.
Breakfast is exactly the same each day. Bacon, chipolata sausages, scrambled eggs, freshly made ham and cheese omlette, boiled eggs, warm bread (toast?), butter / marg / etc. James / Honey etc, fruit, crossants. Fruit juices that were reconstituted syrups, yogurt, tea and coffee.
Lunch varied slightly each day, but included seriously over cooked burgers, Macca style sugar buns, freshly cooked fish, chops / steaks etc, chips, cold meats,
The evening meals were buffets - Chinese, International, Spanish and others (you can guess), but did include salads and fresh fruit. The majority of the staff were real friendly, but there was one waiter who was determined that we would not exit via the terrace door - so we obliged and stepped through the window instead - Olivia put us all on to that one!


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