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Feutreventura-Returning to the UK

Travelling back to Bristol and up to London. - 2011-08-17

Our coach left at 09:40 for a 12:05 flight, Irene, Alan, Rebecca & Penny were leaving some 3 hours later. It was strange putting on the long trousers. I'd worm my runners the day before when we went for the 4X4, and realised that I'd put on a few kilos when the shoes did not slip on as easily as they had - the laces needed loosening - a lot. The flight was uneventful, as you would hope, and finally we were landed at Bristol. Karen made the phone call to her friend's partner, who picked up William and Karen to collect the vehicles. Mum & Dad cose to get the bus to Bristol, then the express service to home, so it was time for the second set of goodbyes for the day. Keran took myself and the girls into Bristol, so the 3rd set of goodbyes were to William, Joe & Anna. As we got into Bristol there was an 'incident' on Hotwells Rd, after some time karen turned up the hill into Clifton. The streets were 3 cars wide, with parking on both sides, and the streets were all 2 way!!!! It was like Weston Super Mare, but 100 times worse - oh for the Australian roads I was thinking. Eventually after much dodging and weaving and 1/2 a clutch later we arrived at the top of a hill, and Karen exclaimed 'Oh, I know where we are now'. Within 5 minutes we were at the Bristol Bus Terminus - well done sister. We managed to get a bus an hour earlier than booked.
The trip up the M4 on the bus brought many mixed emotions for me. I just loved seeing the fields and hedge rows and remembering the wonderful times I had as a child running through them and over the hedges. The cows in the fields, and memories of the country smells. Juxtaposed was the 'motorway' a narrow 3 laned road with one lane dedicated to road works, the narrow roads of Weston and Bristol and the being stuck in traffic. The high hedgerows close to the narrow road obscuring vision. It all seemed so small and tiny.
We arrived in London 15 minutes early, dragged out our bags and heading out into the city. We stopped at a London Black Cab and asked to be taken to the hotel. The Cabbie laughed, 'turn left here, then right at the second set of lights and the hotel is on the corner'. 5 minutes later we were checking in. Our room was in the basement, and we had shared facilities. The oom it'self just accomodated the double bed and the single. By the time Alex unpacked there was no floor to be seen (Alex is a firm believer in the 'floordrobe'). There was a pub near by where I had fish and chips and a beer, Alex had a midori and pineapple (cheap mans Pina Colada) and Olivia an apple juice. Time for bed.


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