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Brunai to Dubai To Heathrow

To follow on from the Brunai transit.

sunny 23 °C

The goal was to stay awake between Brunai and Dubai, but it is easier to fall asleep than stay awake! You can guess what I managed to do. The films had changed and I was unable to finish the 'Red Riding Hood' film, you never know it MAY be showing on the Brunai/Melbourne leg on the way back. However it's a new month so maybe the entertainment will have been updated.

Dubai was 'interesting'. We had to leave the plane so they could refuel and had about an hour on the group. We were taken off the plane, up an escalator, and walked from one end of the terminal to the other - about 20 minutes. Through the scanner, down an escalator, back through the terminal to where we had got off the plane. Wait for 10 minutes then reboard See anything wrong with this? What a waste of time. Time that could have been spent 'shopping', & I needed a camera. I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay. Even Duty Free at Dubai were more expensive than on line, and did nt want to negotiate. I looked at a cheapie that was water proof for the Canary Islands, but that turned out almost as expensive as the one I really want. Guess who is buying a camera on line when I get back to Oz.

Of course I wanted to sleep from Dubai to Heathrow. I took my contacts out, wore the noise cancelling headphones (which are to die for on a long plane trip), didn't drink the coffee etc. I did all I could to get to sleep, and saw every 1/2 hour for all 7 hours! The last 3 hours were shocking. I'd been sitting down for more hours than is good for you, the bosy was stiff and I just could not get comfortable.
the last 30 minutes was spent trying to look out of the window with no contacts in - effectivly blind, I saw lots of light and dark rows of something, that I think were rows of houses and roads, but I really have no idea.

Finally we landed. I found a loo, and behold I could see again!! Immigration was a line of expressionless automatons blankly looking at expressionless photo's confirming that the expressionless person standing infront of them looked like who they said they were. There was a brief delay waiting for my luggage, and then a casual walk though custome. Hoping that I was not going to have to explain the strapless bra and bikini I was bringing over for Olivia.

Finally out of the terminal, it's been a long time since I have seen such a grubby, gloomy place, nothing at all like the bright open that visitors to Melbourne receive. Sorry guys to live in the UK, but it is not a good look. A quick scan left and right to see if Alex was there - no. A slower scan and there was a hand waving at me - Alex. She (and Olivia) looked like to classic picture of the backpacker, young, beautiful, shorts, bronzed with a big pack on their back leaning slightly forwards. Off to the curtosy bus for a trip to the car compound that seemed to take forever. We completed the paperwork for the car, including the overseas paperwork, vehicle inspection, prepaying for a tank of fuel, and arranging the drop off in Bristol. Then we were off. Fortunatly driving on the left. To Europe via Eurotunnel.

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Brunai Airport

In transit

Uneventful trip, just longer than my usual Melbourne <-> Sydney that I was doing 2 years ago (Yes - 2 years since that one finished, we bought them 2 years in which time they have done nothing, Oh well there is only so much we can do to help clients).

The first time I have had one of those 'In Flight Entertainment Systems', it worked well - gosh it's been a long time since I played Tetris! The films were not up to date, but reasonably current. Watched the one about aliens attacking Los Angeles (Battle: Los Angeles?) and started watching 'Red Riding Hood' - hopefully I can finish it on the next leg.
I'm planning on trying to stay awake for the next leg, and then sleep from Dubai to LHR. That way I should be reasonably OK for the trip to France. I think it will be 2am Aussie time when we land in Dubai, possibly later. It's a 3 hour stop over here and I thinl only 2 hours in Dubai.
There is no free internet here, so this has been written on my laptop, given I don't have a power converter / adapter I need to save what battery I have left (thank goodness for SSD's).

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First Blog for UK 2011

At the airport (at last)

semi-overcast 12 °C

Just wrote, and managed to delete / remove my first 'blog' entry. OK I'll write it on my laptop first then when I stuff up, hopefully I can recover it. Now I just need to try and remember what I wrote first time!

We arrived at the airport just after 10am, 90 minutes later I'd finally checked in. 10 minutes after than I'm through security and immigration. Now there is about 40 minutes before we take off. I stopped briefly at the Duty Free area and had a giggle. The prices are no cheaper than on the 'outside'. Frankly I rather pay the 10% GST and have it spent on hospitals and schools than line the pockets of the 'fat cats'. That said I believe that MAP ownes Melbourne Airport, so maybe I shoudl look at investing in them.
Even the Internet is not free! Alex when in Doha had free hardware, free internet, free Skype. Here you pay for a basic internet connection (by the 15 minutes).

This blog is named 'lets.see' in honour of Alex's 'just.see'. Last night I though that I had complained enough to Alex and Olivia about the lack of communication that I should try and show them how it is done 'lets.see'. I need to add that like Alex I have dyslexic fingers, so apologies for the spelling - it's one thing that the travellerspoint web site seems to be missing. However the site does appear to support photo's and video. Given this site is public and my FB is private I'll be trying to use this site rather than FB, so if you want updates, I suggest you subscribe.

Not as eloquent as my first effort, but I think I've said it all again. Just seen there is an autosave - next time I should turn it on.


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