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Brunai Airport

In transit

Uneventful trip, just longer than my usual Melbourne <-> Sydney that I was doing 2 years ago (Yes - 2 years since that one finished, we bought them 2 years in which time they have done nothing, Oh well there is only so much we can do to help clients).

The first time I have had one of those 'In Flight Entertainment Systems', it worked well - gosh it's been a long time since I played Tetris! The films were not up to date, but reasonably current. Watched the one about aliens attacking Los Angeles (Battle: Los Angeles?) and started watching 'Red Riding Hood' - hopefully I can finish it on the next leg.
I'm planning on trying to stay awake for the next leg, and then sleep from Dubai to LHR. That way I should be reasonably OK for the trip to France. I think it will be 2am Aussie time when we land in Dubai, possibly later. It's a 3 hour stop over here and I thinl only 2 hours in Dubai.
There is no free internet here, so this has been written on my laptop, given I don't have a power converter / adapter I need to save what battery I have left (thank goodness for SSD's).

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